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Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

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Xenoglossy (n.) - knowledge of a language one has never learned

Glossolalia (n.) - speaking in tongues; speaking a language one does not know; or speaking elaborate but apparently meaningless speech, while in a trance-like state.


Glossolalia, or the speaking of unknown tongues in the sense of elaborate but apparently meaningless speech, has become a staple of certain religious sects as much as it has become a heresy in others. There are whole generations of people who have grown up into adulthood speaking in glossolalia or their so-called heavenly language as part of a staple of their religious ceremonies but have yet to experience the delivering power of the Christ in their life and mind. Hate, drug addiction, pornography, anger, lust, etc. are still a part of their every-day life but the “sign” of the spirit is upon them or is it?

Is the speaking of unknown tongues truly edifying to the body of believers if they fail to understand what is spoken or does it simply edify the speaker as Paul puts forth in I Corinthians 14? But, then there is the greater question that is begging to be asked. When will the understanding match the faith to the degree that glossolalia is no longer needed to attempt to replace the miracle of xenoglossy, and, will it ever take place, if we continue as a body of believers to hold on to the speaking of our unknown heavenly tongues and fail to strive to not only wait for but hold on to the promises of God in their original form.

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