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"What Exactly Is Worship"

Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

January 31, 2015

Worship (N.)- Adoring reverence or regard. (V.) To render reverence and homage; to show profound religious devotion and respect to, venerate. [L. Veneratus-to solicit the good will of God. venus-I desire]. Revere (V.)- To regard with respect, tinged with awe. [L. Revereri= re-”again” + vereri “to stand in awe of, fear” [G-proskunio-”I go down on my knees.” pros “towards” + kyneo “to kiss”] [H. schachah “to bow down.”]
Praise (N.)- the act of expressing approval or admiration, laudation, the delivery of gratitude or offering via gift or presentation, [L. pretium-price, worth, reward.] Embodiment (N.)- A tangible, visible form of an idea or feeling.


If God desires and needs to be praised and worshiped, it would seem only sensical then that we as believers would know and be able to explain what literally the words mean so we can give Him what He needs and desires from us. No one likes a gift that fails to reveal understanding of what was desired. Praise and worship are more than just actions. They are literal embodiments of our faith as well as spiritual currency. Worship is an overt display to society of a deeply personal choice and statement of desire for more of Him. Praise is not the same thing as worship. Praise is a literal endorsement of God through even the simplest of exclamations such as He is. It is recognizing what He has done and that He indeed is capable of all He promises. There is no room for doubt in praise.

Join Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr. as he takes an in-depth look at what exactly is worship through origin of the word itself and Biblical examples. Follow along with him as he lays the foundation for why it is vitally important for our spiritual as well as natural success to understand why praise and worship are key elements of a faith-walk.

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