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"Understanding Who You Are, and Thus Where You Are Supposed To Be, and What You Are Supposed To Be Doing"

Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

January 17, 2015


Three Pivotal Life Questions- Who am I, where am I, and what am I supposed to be doing? If we constantly kept these in the front of our mind as individuals, as families, as ministries, as communities, as societies, the world would be a different place. One of the basic questions of humanity in philosophical thought is simply why are we here as a species. However, often in a fast-paced society we may still contemplate this on a larger scale but fail to analyze it from an individual perspective. These three questions work together as a road map to leading anyone from any walk of life to their unique purpose or reason for existence. In essence, it helps to explain why me, you, us collectively, are here.

The key is being brave enough to ask the first question, who am I. With that answer, the other two will begin to fall in place. Knowing who you are will help to dictate and govern what you are supposed to be doing and based on that, where you are supposed to be. Operating outside of your literal identity in a place you do not belong can still leave you literally questioning who you are. However, that is not always a lack of understanding purpose, as much as it is simply a lack of maturity. Sometimes, we simply lack self-discipline.

Join Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr. as he examines three pivotal questions to finding purpose through real-life examples and Biblical context.

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