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Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

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Satan (n.) -The profoundly evil adversary of God and humanity, often identified with the leader of the fallen angels; the Devil.

[Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin Satan, from Greek Satanas, Satan, from Hebrew Satan, devil, adversary, from Satan, to accuse, act as adversary.]


Satan in society both in the secular realm as well as Christendom has been portrayed and thus viewed as a fiery red figure with a pointy tail, carrying a pitch fork and creating mischief. This misconception of Satan often causes us to fail to identify him for what he is and where he is represented at. Satan in origination simply means adversary or in other words anything or anyone standing in array against us and the success of God's plan being fulfilled in our lives.

Would this mean that Satan could be a spouse, an employer, a co-worker, a mother, a brother, a friend, a trial, or even one's self? Satan is not a figure that can be touched and he is constantly changing shape. Satan doesn't wear Reeboks because Satan is a concept-a spirit. Simply put, Satan is God's adversary first and thus our own.

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