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Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

August 19, 2015

Sacrilege (N.)- the violation or profanation of anything sacred or held sacred; the stealing of anything consecrated to the service of God.

1275-1325; Middle English < Old French < Latin sacrilegium, equivalent to sacri- (combining form of sacrum holy place) + leg (ere) to steal, literally, gather + -ium -ium


Sacrilegious is the violation of anything sacred or the stealing of anything set apart or consecrated to the service of God. It literally means to steal the holy place. We often hear people complain about the hypocritical nature of so many so-called believers but is it possible that we can honestly examine our own lives and discover in part we are sacrilegious at times?

It is easy to be offended by the simplest of words and gloss over their true meanings and thus fail to remove seeds of it that reside in our own spirits. Sacrilegious at its onset is one of these words. But have we ever set aside time for God and stole it back to pursue carnal pleasures? Have we ever studied and sought God but failed to utilize the seeking to a righteous end of sowing into others with the insight we gained? Join Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr. as he takes a closer look at what it really means to be sacrilegious through real-life examples and Biblical context and explores how we as believers can live more honestly and more fruitful.

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