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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." -John 8:32

"Exacting Truth 101- Who Are We"

Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

Exacting Truth Ministries

Exacting Truth Mission Statement:

First of all our intention is to testify of our change and the epiphany that brought us from our past to where we are, in our present. To educate all that are “so led” to hear the things that the Creator has instructed us to teach. Present facts that are no longer, or maybe never have been widely known. Why? Because these facts unequivocally do impact the validity of modern man’s systems of belief. Lastly, it’s our hope that individuals through our obedience to the Christ, become enlightened by the truth, through facts, and through the record of what has actually occurred. Leading to a personal walk, and observance of said truths, that result in effective change and actual natural, as well as spiritual deliverance.


1) Not attempting to change anyone who is not open to, or have a burden for change.

2) Not attempting to establish a new “spiritual movement” to take the credit for, or a new denomination. We definitely have made a concerted effort to move away from man-made dogmatic institutions, that can not be found evident in the purposed mobility of the Christ, during His season in which He walked with mankind.

3) We are not a cult. It is easy for individuals to brand you as such, when you don’t fall within the confines of what they “traditionally” identify with.

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