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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." -John 8:32


Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

Exacting Truth Ministries


Religion (n.)-a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects.

Faith (n.)- belief that is not based on material proof.


There is an important distinction between religion and faith-a distinction that often fails to be noted and for some this failure could cost them everything. Religion in its definitive state can be almost anything from science to yoga to the more obvious such as Christianity and Islam-for it is simply a group ethic premise involving a specific set of beliefs. Due to this, individuals who falter through blatant hypocrisy by failing to walk in what they claim to believe have caused all of these to be mocked.

Ponder this, did Jesus the Christ call us to be members of a religious sect or did He call us to believe and choose Him on an individual basis, lacking the material proof of His existence-in other words did He call us to possess faith?

When group-ethics and religious organizations falter, the destructive repercussions are played out from individual to individual due to these same individuals failing to realize the distinction of definition and thus the importance of making their faith their own. Owning faith places the responsibility of the mind’s survival and the soul’s salvation back into the hands of the only person who has the power to make both manifest through the free-will choice of God-the individual. The rest is simply an illusion.

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