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Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

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Perfect (v.)-to bring to completion; finish.

Latin perfectus, past participle of perficere to finish, bring to completion


Perfection invokes images and thoughts of the unachievable.....something to strive or even hope for but never achieve. This thought construct often leaves us not trying at all but simply living lives where we slowly sink to simply justifying everything we err in with the statement "no one is perfect"..... but what does perfection mean? Where is its origin based in and have we allowed relativity to alter the view of it to allow us to fall into error by being stuck in what we see as impossible?

Perfection comes from the Latin word perficere which means simply at its base to complete a task. Perfection cannot be used to justify literal unrighteousness because it is unachievable. All it means is to finish what we started. To understand what God has purposed us as individuals to do and to simply work and strive and try until we complete or in other words perfect that very thing by the end of our earthly course. Where Satan wins is in the misunderstanding because it causes us to not work on ourselves. However what we need to ask ourselves is can we complete the task God has laid before us without coming to conquer the areas we struggle in and will we even try if we continue to believe our efforts are futile....

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