Pastor Selara R. Mann, Sr.


Founder & Senior Pastor Emeritus of Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle

Selara R. Mann, Sr. is the Founder and Senior Pastor Emeritus of C.F.P.T. and Exacting Truth Ministries of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was formally First Administrative Assistant to the late Bishop Jesse T. Stacks, founder of the Shalom Temple Pentecostal Church Fellowship. In 1983, Pastor Mann, Sr. was installed as Pastor of the Harrisburg, PA branch of the Shalom Temple Pentecostal Church Fellowship. In 1990 Pastor Mann, Sr. and the Harrisburg Church severed ties with the Shalom Temple Pentecostal Church Fellowship, and the name of the ministry was officially changed to Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle in 1993. With Pastor Mann, Sr.’s son currently serving as acting pastor of the ministry, his role has evolved from the responsibility of lead emissary, to a focus on management of day to day business operations. Pastor Mann, Sr. also assists in the oversight of the auxiliary directors that form Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle’s ministerial Steering Committee.

Pastor Mann, Sr. has been married to Dianna C. Mann since October 14, 1966. They have three adult children: Angela Mann Siele, Cynthia Rodriguez, Selara Mann, Jr., and six grandchildren. He owned a thriving catering business, serving primarily the minority communities of several cities and also operated a gourmet soul food restaurant in Detroit, Michigan called “Larry’s Gourmet”.

To contact Pastor Mann, Sr., please email him or call Exacting Truth Ministries at 717-233-4223.


Bishop & Counselor

Pastor Mann, Sr. is a prolific counselor, minister, and teacher that has over his lifetime not only spoke words of wisdom but embodied them by living the example of what it truly means to be a follower of the Christ.

•Traveled the world for over 50 years evangelizing the gospel.

•Provided counseling to fellow pastors and ministers, politicians, captains of industry and community leaders, as well as families, and individuals from all walks of life for more than 40 years.

•Implemented and moderated for over 20 years a weekly “Question & Answer” night, that welcomed discussion and debate of up to date spiritual and social issues of interest in the community.


Soulful Singer

Pastor Mann, Sr. is a gospel singer, who has been raised beside, influenced or mentored, as well as ministered or sang with, an innumerable set of world renowned individuals such as the late Columbus Mann, Sr., the entire Winans Family, the late Bishop G.E. Patterson, Bishop Clarence Morton, Jr., Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Apostle Richard D. Henton, the late Mother Estella Boyd, the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark & The Clark Sisters and countless others.