Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.


Pastor of Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle & Founder of Exacting Truth Ministries

Selara R. Mann, Jr. is the Pastor & Chairman of the Executive Steering Committee of Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle and is the founder of Exacting Truth Ministries, which began in 2006, and A.M.M.P. (A. Mann’s Music Productions). He is also the Editor in Chief of The Exacted Truth, the newsletter for Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle Ministry.

Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr. has been married to Joye Mann since November 22, 1997. They have three children: Dominique, Selara III, and Endia. He was employed in the banking industry for close to eight years before working full-time in ministry as a musician and youth pastor. He was formerly self-employed as a wardrobe and image consultant with an online retail operation.

To contact Pastor Mann, Jr., please email him or call Exacting Truth Ministries at 717-233-4223.


Scholar & Teacher

Pastor Mann, Jr. acknowledged his call to word ministry at the age of seven years old, and has been preaching, teaching, or lecturing consistently in some form for the past 32 years.

•Moderates C.F.P.T. Men’s Breakfast Fellowship Forum, primary speaker for weekly fellowship gathering on Saturday evenings and for Exacting Insight Into the Word on Wednesday Evenings.

•Local revivals and speaking engagements, guest speaker at Messiah College’s Annual Diversity Youth Convention, featured speaker for True Church Ministry’s Annual City-Wide Youth Convention in Detroit, Michigan, etc.

•National lecture circuit with series of seminars that involves the origin of the Christian religion and its progression-presented in Pittsburgh,PA; Philadelphia, PA; Fairfax, VA; New York, NY; Jersey City, NJ; & Chicago, IL beginning in the fall of 2006.

•Ministry-sponsored research project that involves the origin and historical paths of organized religion (with a specialty in Christianity). This study also involves basic research in the areas of Eastern and Western Philosophy and its influence on organized religion.


Musical Prodigy

Pastor Mann, Jr. is a composer, worshipper, musical prodigy, accomplished playwright & theatrical director, as well as a respected inspirational entertainment promoter.

•Worked side by side with national and regional Christian artists including: Marvin L. Winans, the late Ronald Winans, Daniel Winans, Michael and Regina Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Keith Staten, Karl Reid (of Commissioned), Vickie Winans, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Tonex, Chris Davis (of Glad), Jonathan Dunn, Pete Einstein, jazz bassist Mark Walker, Tia Pittman, the Stevenson Twins, Carolyn White-Splawn, etc.

•Founded comprehensive arts mentoring ministry whose centerpiece achievement was the ”standing room only" performance of Pastor Mann, Jr.'s dramatic musical "Pain", in 1999. His approach to inspirational theatre and dramatic excellence has influenced many far and near, from Apostle Greg Tukes and the youth of True Church Ministries in Detroit, MI, to Barak, Inc. of Central PA and its creative director, Wendell Murray, for whom Pastor Mann, Jr. composed the musical portion of Barak's inaugural stage performance, "Love's Way Back."

• Produced two albums-“Jubilation Journey” in 2005 which was a sophomore recording project by contemporary Christian artist Pete Einstein and “Prayze on a Completely Different Plane” in 1999 by the Christian Mafia which featured Selara R. Mann, Jr. and Sound.

•Oversees C.F.P.T. Ministry Promotions, which produces and promotes free concert events featuring up and coming Christian artists to strive to meet the natural as well as immaterial needs of the community and foster positive change. He has personally promoted many concerts involving artists such as Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Donnie McClurkin, Ronald Winans, Jonathan Dunn, Mark Walker, and Larry Colbert to name a few. He has consulted on shows featuring Kirk Franklin, John P. Kee, Israel & New Breed, Keith Staten, Vickie Winans, Fred Hammond, and countless other concerts and national stage play performances.


Keynote Speaker, Teacher, & Lecturer

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