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Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

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Pastor (n.)- a spiritual overseer; especially: a clergyman serving a local church or parish

Etymology: Middle English pastour, from Anglo-French, from Latin pastor herdsman, from pascere to feed.


Many pastors in today's society have been elevated and placed on pedestals by mankind. These same men, holding to a title and an image, subsequently fall from these same positions of height due to their failure to immediately step-down, causing at times irreconcilable damage. But, if they and we as a society came to recognize what the term pastor means in origination-simply a herdsmen or shepherd of the flock, the damage could be avoided for society is who places them on the level of God-declaring them to be perfect, all-wise, all-efficient, and all-strong. A mere member of humanity taking on that mantle of being on the level of God will only find themselves unable to hold up the standard or worse using the mantle as a platform to control others and enrich themselves.

A pastor does not have to be the greatest orator or the most profound worshipper-his sole purpose is to protect and feed the sheep. He is a servant to those that he is called to lead down the narrow path, only a few steps farther ahead in order to aid in making the path smoother and easier by providing instructions and understanding to avoid pitfalls in the road. Jesus the Christ in John 21:15-19, asked Peter if he loved Him and thus to feed His sheep. He did not call him to be a god or to be a king or emperor among men but a shepherd and thus a servant to the flock-in other words He called him to be a pastor.

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