Exacting Truth Crusades



What is a crusade?

Crusade in definition simply means a remedial enterprise undertaken with zeal and enthusiasm or a major effort to change something. It is derived from the Latin word crux, simply meaning cross, where the ultimate Crusader died to not only put forth a major effort to change something but actually changed everything. Our desire is simply to follow in the footsteps of the One who has gone before us, and with zeal and enthusiasm undertake the enterprise of exacting truth or forcibly conforming to fact in a major effort to allow the truth to change everything for those who desire and will choose change.

The Exacting Truth Crusades is a unique seminar that navigates through 2,000 years of fascinating information on world history, church history, religions, denominations, and dogmatic beliefs and how they came to be. For generations, many have pursued religion to varied degrees, and have never arrived at the complicity of the promise of spiritual freedom those beliefs proclaim-this seminar is designed to unravel the mystery and explain why.

What are some of the questions addressed during a crusade?

•What is faith? What is religion? Is there a difference between the two?

•What is the origin of the Bible and what does the word “Bible” mean? Who compiled the collection of writings together that we consider the very words of God and was there anything left out? If so, then why?

•What is the religious categorical name or denominational heading that you go by or identify with and why is it important to know and understand the origin of said religion’s category and/or denomination?

What cities have crusades been held in?

Crusades have been held in Pittsburgh,PA; Philadelphia, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Fairfax, VA; New York, NY; Jersey City, NJ; and Chicago, IL.

Who is the keynote speaker?

Selara R. Mann, Jr. is the Pastor & Chairman of the Executive Steering Committee of Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle and is the founder of Exacting Truth Ministries, which began in 2006. He has been preaching, teaching, or lecturing consistently in some form for the past 32 years. Selara R. Mann, Jr. is a teacher and scholar, taking part in a ministry-sponsored research project that involves the origin and historical paths of organized religion (with a specialty in Christianity). This study also involves basic research in the areas of Eastern and Western Philosophy and its influence on organized religion. To read his complete resume, please clickhere. For booking information, please contact us by accessing theOnline Speaker’s Engagement Request Form or by calling us at 717-233-4223.