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Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

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Church- derived from Greek word kyriakon which means literally “of the Lord.”


Church colloquially has come to represent a brick and mortar structure-a picturesque little white building with a steeple on a hill or an ornately designed work of art complete with marble floors and stained glass windows. But, what does the word in origination mean and how should we as followers of Christ see it as? The word church derives from the Greek word "kyriakon" which means simply "of the Lord." In other words, it is the dwelling place of God's spirit. Is a brick and mortar structure of the Lord or of man? Can an organized group of people be guaranteed to be of the Lord? When Christ spoke in the book of John 2:19 of the destruction of His temple and its rise in three days time, was He referring to Himself or a building? When Paul in I Corinthians 6:19 wrote in question to the Church at Corinth imploring them to realize that their body is indeed the temple of the Holy Ghost-was he referencing a body collective?

If the answers to these questions seem obvious and it is clear that we, as individuals are the dwelling place of the Christ or in other words we are the church, why do we fail to treat our bodies and our minds as sacred ground? Why do we find ourselves consuming alcohol in excess, inhaling dangerous substances, fornicating and placing our bodies at risk, putting ourselves down, accepting positions less than what God has called us to, etc. if we recognize that we are the chosen container and home of the Supreme and Holy Being, the Most High-if we understand that we are indeed the church?

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