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Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

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Christian (adj.)-manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus; Christlike.


We hold on to the name "Christian" and are taught at times from a child up to be proud of what we believe and the name given to our faith. But who chose to name us Christians and if we knew where the name came from would we so proudly still hold it? As more and more individuals in the entertainment industry proudly profess to be "Christians" and fail to live up to being what the name simply and literally implies - to be Christ-like, it causes pause. But should it cause offense?

The term Christian was first given to the followers of Christ in Antioch. The early church fathers did not name themselves nor did the Christ ask us to call ourselves Christians before His ascension. Those around them looking on at the early believers' regiment and belief system and profession of Jesus the Christ being the Messiah simply began to call them "Christians." As time passed on, the belief system adopted the name as its own.

Over the course of history, this has happened time and time again. Individuals have so often allowed their literal enemies or detractors to name them..... John the Baptist being coined the Baptist by Herod Antipas and now so many proudly associate themselves with the Baptist denomination, individuals around John and Charles Wesley at Oxford University teasing them due to their strict devotions calling them "Methodists" and thus creating yet another denomination... The list goes on, but the question begs to ask who named who and what names are we holding on to that perhaps it is time to let go of and simply stand in origin as the followers of Christ and strive to live up to everything those words entail.

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