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Exacting (adj.)- Rigid or severe in demands or requirements.
Truth (n.)- Conformity with fact or reality.

Christ said in John 8:32, "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."
Can you honestly say that you are free?

Generations have pursued Jesus Christ to varied degrees, and have never arrived at the complicity of this promise, freedom.
Is it that this bold Biblical declaration has failed in its promise or is it that you have yet to hear the truth?
The unique Exacting Truth message explores true faith in God and The Christ versus religion through innovative teachings and lectures designed to not bind the individual but empower them. Experience impactful delivery on relevant topics to inspire self-education and life application solutions in a multi-cultural environment. Join us every Saturday at 10:00 AM and Wednesday at 7:30 PM at Swatara Church of God located at 4860 Lindle Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17111 for our services.

An Evening of Thanks

Giving Back...

A concert with the cost of admission being an unwrapped toy to benefit needy families this holiday season.

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Monthly Outreach

Outreach Geared to Individual Needs...

Our unique men's fellowship and women's ministry are set in laid-back environments geared toward answering questions, voicing ideas, and sharing life-stories in order to encourage, educate, and allow positive room for expression.

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New Year's Eve Service

An evening of reflection and celebration...

Join us as we bring in the New Year and celebrate how God has kept us throughout 2016.

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How much do you know about what you claim to believe?

Test your knowledge at our comprehensive resource center.

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Prayer Center

Prayer changes things. Visit our online prayer center, a place to remember those who need remembering.

Message of the Month

Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr. - August 19, 2015

Sacrilegious is the violation of anything sacred or the stealing of anything set apart or consecrated to the service of God. It literally means to steal the holy place. We often hear people complain about the hypocritical nature of so many so-called believers but is it possible that we can honestly examine our own lives and discover in part we are sacrilegious at times?

Join Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr. as he takes a closer look at what it really means to be sacrilegious through real-life examples and Biblical context.